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All about NFT and Metakicks

A non-fungible token, or NFT, is a digital asset used to represent ownership of unique items whether digital or physical. Most commonly, it is used for digital collectibles. The ownership and transfer of an NFT is secured by a blockchain, which ensures that an NFT has only one owner at any given time, and that no one can change the token's ownership history.

They can take any form, images, videos, memes, digital paintings, patents or even tweets.

For an artist, an NFT allows them to sell a digital file as they would sell a physical work. For a buyer, the NFT allows them to support an artist, collect digital artworks, speculate on those works and potentially access physical rewards through that NFT.

If you want more information about this subject, we advise you the youtube video of Johnny Harris.

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency or store of value that uses the blockchain, a ledger of digital transactions, to record and secure online transactions. Crypto currencies can be used to purchase goods and services. Currently, the most traded cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, followed by Ethereum.

A blockchain wallet is a digital storage that allows you to store and transact with cryptocurrencies. In its simplest form, a wallet consists of a public and a private key, which are cryptographically generated. To make the process of creating a wallet user-friendly, there are many software wallets, such as Metamask, that equip you with a wallet address, key vault, secure login and backup options to safely manage your digital assets. Metamask works as a browser extension and/or mobile application, and you can be up and running in minutes. For more information, see the Metamask FAQ. With a digital wallet, you hold the keys and are responsible for your assets. Your assets are as safe as your keys, so back them up and keep them safe! Remember, never, ever share your passphrase with anyone. It is for your eyes only.

A MetaMask wallet is a blockchain wallet used to store, buy and sell crypto-assets. We mandate the use of MetaMask on our site because we want to ensure that our customers are using a free and trusted wallet when they transact on our site and can connect to all of our Metaverse partners. Using MetaMask is also the only way to see and interact with your Metakicks sneakers after purchase. Think of your MetaMask wallet as a digital backpack that travels with you in the Metaverse. You use it to store your digital items like our Metakicks or digital currencies.

We use the Ethereum blockchain to launch Metakicks.

Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source blockchain with smart contract functionalities like NFTs. Ether (ETH) is the native cryptocurrency of the platform.

Gas is the unit that measures the amount of computational power required to perform a transaction on the blockchain. Akin to the gas you put in your car, this gas fuels all specific actions that you execute on the blockchain. For every transaction on the Ethereum blockchain, you have to perform a series of computational steps.

And each step needs resources to perform. And someone needs to pay for the use of these resources.

The miners won’t pay for these out of their pocket. So, it’s the end-users who have to pay for the use of resources to execute a transaction on the blockchain. This fee that you have to pay for the amount of gas that is used for your transaction is known as the gas fee.

Minting an NFT, like buying sneakers, is buying an NFT at the retail price at the time of release.

Metakicks is the first collection of NFT sneakers distributed as mystery boxes. This means that when you buy a Metakicks box, it is closed and you don't know beforehand which pair of sneakers you are going to get inside. The lucky owners of these boxes will be able to choose to open them (or keep them closed) to discover which Metakicks is hidden inside.

In addition to your Metakicks, you have 10% chance of winning a physical pair from the list below, which you will receive directly at home in the size of your choice:

Metakicks holders of this first drop will have access to exclusive airdrops, physical giveaways, and premium Sneakmart features.

The whitelist allows the NFT project to reward the first and most active supporters by guaranteeing them slots to mint the NFT. A total of 2000 whitelist slots will be available!

Join the community on Discord and learn about the different ways to become a whitelist member on #🔐・how-to-whitelist.

Sneakmart is first and foremost a committed community that comes together to share the same passion, sneakers and streetwear. NFTs are the most influential and exciting innovation in the art world in the last ten years. In our opinion, there is a strong parallel between the sneaker market and buying a "digital" pair to collect or resell at a higher price later.

With Metakicks, we want to give you the opportunity to start collecting digital sneakers through unique designs and with an innovative project never seen before in the NFT sphere. Our mission is to make Sneakmart the largest Streetwear collecting community in the Metaverse. Get ready to pioneer this crazy adventure.

How can I buy a Metakicks?

Go to Metamask.io and click on Download now. Then chose on which device you want to install your Metamask Wallet. You can also go directly to the Chrome store, Google Play store or to the App Store.

Here is a great tutorial to walk you through creating your Metamask wallet.

Once your Metamask wallet is set up, you will need to log in to your Metamask wallet by clicking on "Connect Wallet" at metakicks.sneakmart.com.
If you want to buy a Metakicks on mobile, you need to open the Metamask App and access the Metakicks website via the in-App Metamask browser.

We partnered with Moonpay so you’ll be able to buy with Credit Card and Crypto.

Metakicks on the secondary market?

Opensea is an NFT marketplaces where users can buy, trade and sell their NFTs.

Yes, you can sell your Metakicks onOpensea. We recommand this platform so that users can buy, sell and trade their Metakicks with other users as easily as possible.

Yes, you can buy Metakicks on Opensea on the secondary market from other users. We recommand this platform for users to buy directly from other users.

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